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  • 圣托里尼婚纱摄影,圣岛婚纱照,欧洲旅拍,Santorini wedding

    Yanming & Honda, Santorini.

    Yanming & Honda, from Tokyo, Japan. They got married the 1st. June, at Andronis Luxury Suites, Oia, Santorini.  摄影:MyVenice小浩…

  • 布拉格,Prague,欧洲旅拍,捷克旅拍,欧洲婚纱照

    Eva & Liang, Prague

    Eva & Liang, from Guangdong, China. Last year I flew to Prague to meet them. They were very polite and gentle. We spent a day, going around the tiny and compact…

  • 意大利婚纱摄影,威尼斯旅拍,欧洲旅拍,Venice wedding

    Qiqi, Venice

    It was a sunny day in Venice. In this special period, there were not many tourists around the historical city center. We took a boat tour with Aman Venice hotel, the…

  • 欧洲旅拍

    Jingjing & Ming, Hallstatt

    Jingjing & Ming, from Shanghai. Ming is a great husband. He contacted me, telling me that he would like to do a pre-wedding session as a gift to his girl. They…

  • Sicily,西西里,意大利,婚纱摄影,旅拍,欧洲旅拍,wedding

    Tanya & Frank, Taormina

    Tanya & Frank, from China. We have done a photo session in Dolomiti. This time we flied to an island in south Italy– Sicilia! I missed Sicily, the sunshine, the sea,…

  • 意大利婚纱摄影,佛罗伦萨旅拍,欧洲旅拍,Florence wedding

    Cathy & Sam, Florence

    Cathy & Sam, from Macao. Cathy is very sweet and a little bit shy. She contacted me two months before the shooting dates.  We had a half day shooting in Rome…

  • 意大利婚纱摄影,威尼斯旅拍,欧洲旅拍,Venice wedding

    Shu Qi, Venice

    A girl named Shu Qi. She arrived Venice for a vacation. At the time of landing on the special island, she fell in love with the City on water. She contacted…