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Eva & Liang, Prague


Eva & Liang, from Guangdong, China.

Last year I flew to Prague to meet them.

They were very polite and gentle.

We spent a day, going around the tiny and compact center of Prague.

I’m always fond of this city. Food is great, beer is fantastic.

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Tanya & Frank, Taormina


Tanya & Frank, from China.

We have done a photo session in Dolomiti. This time we flied to an island in south Italy– Sicilia!

I missed Sicily, the sunshine, the sea, the flowers at the side of the country road, and the passionate and friendly people.

We walked around the small town of Taormina.

We went to the Isola Bella at the beach.

We also drove up to the top of the mountain.

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Cathy & Sam, Florence

意大利婚纱摄影,佛罗伦萨旅拍,欧洲旅拍,Florence wedding

Cathy & Sam, from Macao.

Cathy is very sweet and a little bit shy. She contacted me two months before the shooting dates.  We had a half day shooting in Rome and another half day shooting in Florence. Cathy told me that the reason she didn’t choose Venice for a destination is that, there is a big casino building named Venice, which is very similar to the city of Venice 🙂 We had a good time together.

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