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  • 意大利婚纱摄影,威尼斯旅拍,欧洲旅拍,Venice wedding

    Sandow, Venice.

    Sandow is very young. She travels with her friends. Before arriving in Venice, she contacted me. We had a nice time spent together taking pictures around Piazza San Marco and San…

  • portrait

    Xavier, Venice

    Xavier is a French guy, handsome and tall. He loves photography and modeling. He contacted me via Instagram, asking for a morning shooting. So here it comes… ……

  • 瑞士婚纱摄影,婚纱照,瑞士旅拍,欧洲旅拍,europe wedding

    Rachel & Yongchuan, Switzerland

    Rachen & Yongchuan, from Guangzhou. They are a very young couple. We took a journey around Interlaken, the beautiful town in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Everything here is…

  • 圣托里尼婚纱摄影,圣岛婚纱照,欧洲旅拍,Santorini wedding

    Laury & Qi, Santorini

    Laury and Qi, from Shenzhen. Laury is a lovely girl, and she has a model figure. We met in a sunny June day in Santorini, Greece.…

  • Sicily,西西里,意大利,婚纱摄影,旅拍,欧洲旅拍,wedding

    Han & Jialun, Switzerland

    Han & Jialun, from China. They are both smart, studying in University in Switzerland. We did this photo session in late autumn, when the leaves are golden and the sky is…

  • 欧洲旅拍

    Jiajia & Chongtong, Venice

    Jiajia & Chongtong, from Milan, Italy. They have done their university in Italy, and now live in Milan. They came to Venice for their pre-wedding photos because Jiajia has spent years…

  • 德国旅拍,欧洲婚纱照,新天鹅堡,欧洲旅拍,italy wedding

    Chenxi & Yikai, Neuschwanstein

    Chenxi & Yikai, from Beijing. They took their parents to Europe for a journey, and took their wedding photos under the romantic Neuschwanstain castle.…

  • 欧洲旅拍

    Yuanying & Xin, Paris

    Yuanying & Xin,from USA. They came all the way from USA to Paris. It was a bit chilly in autumn Paris, but the colors of the trees made it warm.…

  • 威尼斯旅拍,威尼斯婚纱照,意大利旅拍,欧洲旅拍,italy wedding,venice wedding
    Featured Wedding

    Siting & Qin, Venice

    Siting & Qin, from Xiamen, China. They are very young and vivid. They came to Italy for vacation and took their pre-wedding photo in Venice. They were married in Xiamen in…

  • 欧洲旅拍

    Jiaqi & Kun, Venice

    Jiaqi and Kun, from Tianjin. They got married in a private church in Venice on 16th. Sept. 2018. “Kun, would you give yourself to Jiaqi, to be her husband, to love…