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  • 欧洲旅拍

    Jiaqi & Kun, Venice

    Jiaqi and Kun, from Tianjin. They got married in a private church in Venice on 16th. Sept. 2018. "Kun, would you give yourself to Jiaqi, to be her husband, to love…

  • 欧洲旅拍

    Candice & Richard, Paris

    Candice & Richard, from Hong Kong. We took a trip in the day to a Château two hours' drive from Paris. And we came back to Paris for night photos. She…

  • 欧洲旅拍

    Li Ying’s family, Rome

    Li Ying, from Shanghai. Her family now lives in Venezuela for her husband's work there. When we took the wedding photo in Rome, their little girl was 1 and half years…

  • 威尼斯旅拍,威尼斯婚纱照,意大利旅拍,欧洲旅拍,italy wedding,venice wedding

    Lisha & Zewei, Venice

    Lisha & Zewei, from Guangzhou. Zewei is an architect. He contacted me long ago, asking me to do his wedding photo in Venice. I was an architecture student myself, so I…

  • Wedding

    Keke & Guoguo, Venice

    Keke and Guoguo, from Turin, Italy. They came to Venice for pre-wedding photography with their lovely dog. They were attractive. People came around to pet the dog and give their best…

  • 欧洲旅拍

    Elio, Venice

    Elio is an Italian model. He advertises for watch, bags, men's fashion. He is from Sicily, Italy. 摄影:MyVenice小浩…

  • 威尼斯电影节, 张艺谋
    Featured portrait

    Venice Film Festival

    Zhang Yimou has received the 2018 Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award. Chinese director Zhang Yimou's latest film Shadow (Ying) will be screened in the Out of Competition section at the…

  • 威尼斯旅拍,威尼斯婚纱照,意大利旅拍,欧洲旅拍,italy wedding,venice wedding

    Lei & David, Venice

    Leilei & David, from Hong Kong. We spent a lovely half day in Venice going around, taking pictures. Leilei is vivid, while David is somehow timid.…

  • campomaggiore,basilicata,suditalia

    南意乌托邦小镇 Campomaggiore, la Città dell’Utopia

    Campomaggiore是意大利南部Basilicata大区的一个山里小镇。18世纪末期,小镇根据欧文(Robert Owen)和傅立叶(Charles Fourier)的“乌托邦理想城市”理念开始建造。直到1885年山崩被毁,实现了一百年的社会主义乌托邦。…